Car industry gets personal with RFID

01 October 2007

Volkswagen in Saxony, Germany, and Ford in Genk, Belgium, have installed new RFID systems, claimed to boost functionality and flexibility with continuous observation.

Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH
Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH

According to Turck, developers of the system, the car manufacturing industry and its trend towards the “personalised automobile” is leading the way in the field of RFID.

Today, the purchaser decides what is fitted to the car and practically every car has individual features, therefore it is necessary to mark the vehicles with the desired specifications.

An RFID system consists of data carriers (TAGs), read-write heads (transceivers), interface modules, the higher-levels of control and, if required, logistics systems as well as the software required for implementation. Any system suitable for the automotive industry needs to be fast, secure, robust and insensitive to interference and temperature influences.

Walter Hein, RFID project manager at Turk, claims BL-ident can offer manufacturers these benefits in addition to being small in size. Furthermore, as it employs standard data carriers, it enables universal use. Accordingly the same read-write heads can both read and write the HT data carriers as well as the more attractively priced “normal versions”.

Following the installations Hein said he was proud of the result the development engineers at Turck had produced. He said: “With BL-ident we have introduced an RFID system which fully complies with the customers wishes.”

He continued to say he felt the company had developed a system in which modern production was combined with functionality and flexibility and the need for cost optimisation.

BL-ident, claimed by Hein to be “the fastest system on the market”, reads as the products pass by at their normal speed.

Multiplex operation is possible without mutual interference for the readers and the system is suitable for extreme temperature conditions.

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