‘Common Contact’ technology simplifies multipole connector assembly

25 July 2016

HARTING has expanded its Han Multiplier range which are designed simplify the assembly of connectors where multiple contacts are carrying the same potential (voltage).

Interlinked cabling of decentralised control cabinets in today’s factory/ production line environment can create a situation where multiple contacts need the same potential (e.g. Ground or 24V), for example when providing connections for sensors, switches and Powerbus daisy chaining. Han Multipliers allow for the use of a single feeding line instead of multiple feeding lines of the same potential.  They are said to be particularly useful for connecting motor drives/inverter control wiring in either star or delta connection arrangements.

Han Multipliers are simply pushed onto the appropriate equipotential contacts which can reduce both labour and material costs and installation times by simplifying connections.

There are several standard connector types within the HARTING range that can accommodate these multipliers, including Han-Yellock – an IP67 compliant, smoothly contoured design with single-handed push button mating that supports cable-trunking drag-through installations. Inserts can be loaded from the front or rear side of a bulkhead panel. 

HARTING has also recently developed a separate single 15 way Han-Yellock Multiplier Block insert, based on its 16A rated Han E crimp contacts, which can also be fitted with the full range of Han-Yellock Multipliers.  This also fits into the Han-Modular system concept so the multiplier concept can now be applied right across the company’s multipole I/O connector range of IP65 compliant Han B and compliant IP68 Han HPR high-strength construction hoods and housings, rugged plastic Han-Eco series and can also be used inside switch cabinets, integrating with the Han-Snap series.

The latest Han connector series of inserts that offer this Multiplier functionality is the new finger-push cage clamp termination Han ES Press range.  Han ES Press can accommodate rear plug-in Multipliers/Jumpers from 2 to 12 way versions.  

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