Simplifying robots for the UK manufacturing sector

25 July 2016

ABB Robotics has introduced Connected Services, which are described as a suite of resources created to enable UK manufacturers to maximise robot uptime through fast data access and problem resolution. 

Delivered via ABB’s  MyRobot interface, the company says that its Connected Services will make actionable data immediately available to plant engineers, maintenance staff and managing directors via smart devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Connected Services is based on ABB’s Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP) approach, where device-level data is delivered to the right people who can decide which services to deploy to ensure that optimum performance is maintained.

Comprised of four solutions – Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics, Backup Management, Remote Access and Fleet Assessment – Connected Services aims to provide UK manufacturers with the tools to optimise operations and boost productivity within an increasingly digital landscape.

Through Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics, ABB robots can be accurately monitored at all times regardless of location in order to proactively maintain performance. Rather than responding to breakdowns once they have occurred, technical issues can be quickly resolved through alarm notifications sent via e-mail or SMS. As well as immediate critical alarm notifications, Condition Monitoring includes a system snapshot which enables better service preparation for on-site calls and technical support.

Backup Management provides a duplicate of a robot program so that if lost or damaged, it can be re-uploaded quickly and efficiently, eliminating downtime needed for reprogramming. Automatic backups can be scheduled at any time and can be stored in the cloud or on any server.

Remote Access provides fast and secure entry to robot controllers and connected equipment allowing maintenance engineers to address technical difficulties without them physically visiting the factory floor. 

Many UK companies apply fleet management through GPS to monitor vehicles and their drivers distributing goods or services across the country. Fleet Assessment applies this logic to robots on the shop floor. Through identifying the hardest working robots in a company and benchmarking them against ABB’s entire population of connected robots, performance can be optimised and services applied to extend the lifetime of equipment. Collectively, Fleet Assessment could help the UK to match the most productive robots globally through the assimilation and analysis of global data.

The Connected Services suite is the latest in a series of measures aimed at UK manufacturing companies to help address the perceived complexity of operating and maintaining robots.

“The integration of robots and services into ABB’s IoTSP ecosystem provides manufacturers with the opportunity to utilise their data to raise productivity levels and match global competition. Available via ABB’s RobotCare Service Agreements, Connected Services enables our customers to realise the benefits of the factory of the future, today," said Dean Phipps, service sales and training manager – UK and Ireland.

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