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Is it possible for an automated system to run so efficiently you forget it’s there?

05 July 2016

Steam is an important component of meat processing. Djurdjevic, a meat production company, wanted to automate the boiler they use to produce steam; they needed this system to be efficient and safe. Ideally, the system should operate effortlessly, without requiring human intervention. Using Unitronics PLC+HMI this goal became a reality.

Djurdjevic is a meat production company based in Serbia. They are proud to bring high quality meat products to their community.  In order to achieve that goal, they have a state-of-the-art facility that handles all aspects of meat processing and production. Obviously, quality and safety are some of Djurdjevic’s priorities.

To ensure the quality of their products, Djurdjevic often relies on automated machinery, which offers precise and consistent results. One of these machines is the factory’s biomass boiler. Steam is used in a wide variety of meat processing and treatment application, so this boiler is a key component of the factory.

The boiler is controlled by a Unitronics UniStream PLC with 10.4in touchscreen HMI. This PLC regulates and monitors the production of steam, managing the boiler heat and maintaining its run time. The PLC uses CANbus communication to communicate to remote I/O, including thermocouple inputs.  Additionally, the Unistream features many other communication options, meaning that it interfaces easily with other non-Unitronics devices, making monitoring easy.  Djurdjevic also installed Jazz controllers at several other points in production for temperature monitoring.

Djurdjevic was very impressed with the UniStream; the PLC worked perfectly from when it was first installed.  The application development with very quick using the all-in-one programming software and the built in image library helped Djurdjavic design easy to read, professional HMI screens.  Dorde Kuzminac, factory CFO, said “For me, most important is that I forgot that it is there - and it does its job, a very important job, controlling steam production for our factory.”

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