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Turning cables inside out: New cable entry system KDSclick reduces installation time

31 May 2016

CONTA-CLIP is introducing KDSclick, a new cable entry system that minimses the time needed for deployment, including assembly of an individual configuration. KDSclick achieves IP65 ingress protection.

The system comprises only three basic components – frames, inlays and sealing sleeves – due to its simple modular design: unlike conventional systems that require the frame to be opened and then screwed closed again to insert the sealing sleeves, CONTA-CLIP's new solution is based on a robust, but lightweight single-unit plastic frame.

Creating frame openings in the desired size is made easy with click-on inlays, which are available as simple partitions, as tees or as cross and double cross forms. 18 frame variants for different wiring requirements can be readily assembled this way. This limited number also makes stock-keeping easier.

CONTA-CLIP provides 39 different sealing elements to allow for the sealing of various wire diameters as well as feeding several cables through one frame opening. The conical shape of the sealing elements is particularly user-friendly: after sheathing a cable, the elements are fed from the inside of the cabinet to the outside through the frame openings created by the inlays. Thanks to conical tapering, the sealing elements are easily and effortlessly pushed into the frame openings/inlays. As a result, they reliably seal cable gaps and serve as a strain relief with absolutely secure hold on the cabinet exterior. At the same time, the sealing elements can be easily removed again, e.g. when new or additional wiring is necessary. This ensures comfortable changes to the wiring, even for single cables, without having to disassemble the frame.

For comfortable cabinet assembly, the frame comes with the same mounting hole layout that is used as a standard for heavy duty connectors – the cable entry system thus fits into the cabinet openings without any special machining of material. CONTA-CLIP launches the new range with 107 x 71 mm frame dimensions. Four additional frames for larger and smaller dimensions as well as a frame with a snap lock for even faster assembly/disassembly are due to follow.

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