Configuration tool simplifies cyber security for large networks

17 May 2016

Westermo has released the latest version of its WeConfig network configuration management tool, which allows users to save time and costs when configuring large and complex industrial data communication networks.

WeConfig 1.4 enables the configuration of these networks to be implemented quickly and reliably, and features enhanced functionality to bolster cyber security.

WeConfig is said to simplify the initial installation and configuration of single or multiple Westermo devices, plus ongoing maintenance through the life of the network, improving network management efficiency. Once devices are configured and the network commissioned, a back-up of all the device configuration files can be created and stored. In the event that a switch or router needs to be replaced in service, the saved configuration can be easily downloaded to the new unit, resulting in a faster network repair, helping to save time for maintenance engineers.

The new version of WeConfig enables users to configure and maintain cyber security features on devices delivered by the Westermo Operating System (WeOS). Spoofing protection features such as MAC address filters and the configuration of IEEE802.1x port access authentication can be easily deployed and maintained to help prevent unauthorised access to the network.

For increased network security a configuration baseline feature creates alerts in an alarm window if changes have been made to network settings. WeConfig also features diagnostics to aid troubleshooting should network problems arise. Network failures can be visualised and diagnostic information displayed at the click of a button to enable rapid and effective maintenance.

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