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Introducing a new temperature I/O module – compatible with Unitronics’ UniStream HMI + PLC

10 May 2016

UniStream, the ground-breaking, modular PLC+HMI controller, recently welcomed a new I/O module with four temperature inputs. These inputs can be configured as either PT100 or PT1000 temperature sensors. The new I/O module can be snapped directly onto a panel for an all-in-one unit or they can be installed remotely using an expansion adapter.

Produced by Unitronics, an industry leader in the development and manufacture of integrated PLC+HMI controllers, UniStream is completely modular. The user creates an all-in-one controller by selecting the elegant HMI touchscreen panel –7-inch, 10.4-inch, or 15.6-inch – best suited to their application, and then snapping on the CPU and the specific I/O modules required. This gives the machine builder a customized controller matching their application’s needs while cutting costs by saving space and wiring.

Supporting the new module is the most recent version of UniLogic™, the all-in-one development environment for hardware configuration, HMI design and Ladder programming. UniStream™ supports RS485, CANopen, SNMP, UniCAN and MODBUS (serial and Ethernet). It can also adapt to third-party protocols; the USB and serial ports support external devices such as modems, printers, barcode readers and more. UniStream™ exemplifies Unitronics all-in-one philosophy: The PLC and HMI are integrated in one unit and come with free personalized tech support and a unified programming environment, in one convenient, customer-friendly package.

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