Contactless power transmission for robot applications

29 March 2016

FreeCon Contactless, from Weidmüller, is said to eliminate contact related failures on industrial robots helping to reduce robot downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Burnt, bent or dirty contacts can often be the cause of production failures on robot lines, particularly in applications that require frequent plugging cycles. 

In some applications industrial robots are required to perform several hundred tool changes every day which subjects conventional contacts to high levels of wear. FreeCon Contactless allows power to be transmitted via an ‘air gap' by means of an inductive resonance coupling, which means it is wear-free. By doubling the power density, the line can obtain a far higher degree of efficiency compared with comparable solutions that are available on the market.

Unlike conventional plug-in connections, which only provide IP 20 protection when unplugged, FreeCon Contactless offers IP 65 permanently. It also enables contactless transmission of up to 240 W of power with compact dimensions and maximum efficiency. If required, the transmission can be controlled via a PLC. It is therefore possible to switch 10 A directly via the PLC without the need for further contactors. FreeCon Contactless provides complete protection against humidity and dirt.

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