Gas detection upgrades for oxygen monitor

23 February 2016

Servomex has upgraded its Servotough OxyDetect life safety oxygen monitor which is suitable for use either as a hazardous or safe area version with updated communication relay options. 

The upgraded OxyDetect builds on the success of the original analyzer, offering a high accurate oxygen measurement – without the sensor deterioration that can degrade the performance of electrochemical sensors.

OxyDetect utilises the company’s Hummingbird Paracube Micro Paramagnetic sensor, which is a widely used oxygen sensor in the OEM medical market. This sensor utilises Servomex’s Magnetodynamic Paramagnetic technology – the sensor never depletes and the measurement remains accurate, avoiding false readings and false alarms caused by depleted cells, as well as the safety risk caused by life safety systems being turned off or ignored because of constant false alarms.

Alongside these safety and performance benefits, the OxyDetect offers users a lower cost of lifetime ownership. The ongoing costs associated with the regular replacement of electrochemical cells, as well as the recognised problems of cell degradation when in use or kept as a stock item, are eliminated. The sensors measurement stability also eliminates the need for frequent calibration, users avoid the labour and downtime costs incurred through regular calibration requirements or replacement due to anticipated cell expiration or sudden failure.

The OxyDetect also utilises microprocessor diagnostics that are safe, reliable and easy to access via a simple front panel digital interface. Integration is simple using an isolated 4-20mA output with linear measurement, and mains-rated relay outputs for instrument fault, low alarm one and low alarm two. An optional Ethernet output is also available.

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