Distance sensors with high tolerances

23 February 2016

The new measuring and switching distance sensors of the 10 series from Leuze electronic feature a high tolerance to colour, material, surface and detection angle which makes it reliable and precise in logistics applications and conveyor systems as well as in the packaging industry. 

The series 01 range of optical distance sensors are available as measuring (ODS 10) or switching (HT 10) models. In both variants, time-of-flight (ToF) technology is used for the detection of distances. The sensors have a high object tolerance to colour, surface structure and brightness of the reflective material. Whether organic surfaces – such as wood, metal or plastics – or whether matt, deep black or glossy, the sensors are able to master most challenges with constant switching point. They can function reliably even with changing environmental conditions or materials as well as with various detection angles to objects that are not aligned exactly orthogonal or that are being rapidly transported. As a result, detection errors are avoided and complicated readjustment is eliminated.

Practical uses
The working range of these distance sensors spans from 50 to 8,000mm. When used against a reflective tape, it is even possible to achieve scanning range limits of up to 25m. The accuracy with which the ODS 10 and HT 10 detect objects with a diffuse reflectance of 6 to 90% lies at a consistency of up to 4mm. 

The sensors have a robust plastic housing with glass pane and can be used in operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C. Large operating and teach buttons as well as an OLED display with the ODS 10 simplify commissioning and diagnosis of the sensors. 

Constant monitoring of the received signal level alerts the user of an impending failure, for example as a result of excessive soiling or misalignment, in good time. The corresponding message appears either on the display, in the form of flashing LEDs or is output as a signal via I/O link.

With their high object tolerance, the distance sensors of the 10 series from Leuze electronic are suited to use in applications in intralogistics and the packaging industry. 

Typical applications include compartment occupation checks or compartment fine positioning as well as push-through or collision protection. Possible applications in the packaging industry sector include filling and stack-height monitoring or the monitoring of dancer rolls in foil packaging machines.

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