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Senix Introduces the ToughSonic REMOTE 14 Ultrasonic Sensor for remote liquid Level applications

19 February 2016

Senix Corporation, manufacturer of ToughSonic® ultrasonic level and distance sensors, introduces the ToughSonic REMOTE 14, the first in a series of ultrasonic liquid level sensors designed for remote monitoring applications.

Global weather conditions require new water management solutions.
As both droughts and floods become more common around the world, sophisticated water level monitoring systems are being deployed to cope. Advanced ultrasonic sensors are critical components of these new systems. The ToughSonic REMOTE14 and the soon-to-be-released ToughSonic REMOTE 30 and REMOTE 50 are designed specifically for these demanding applications.

Managing Precious Water Resources.
Municipal water and irrigation districts are automating operations to more precisely control precious water resources. Remote water level sensors transmit real-time level data to centralized computer systems that allow managers to control distribution.

Public Safety.
Flood monitoring systems monitor stream and river levels watching for sudden rises that foretell flooding downstream. Remote water level sensors, powered by solar panels and connected by radio, cellular or even satellite communications, provide the data that drives these systems.
Proven Remote Ultrasonic Sensor Technology

The ToughSonic REMOTE 14 is an all-digital, surge-protected, lower energy-consumption version of the venerable ToughSonic 14, already one of the most popular liquid level sensors in the world. This stainless steel, IP68-rated sensor stands up to rain, saltwater and even total immersion. And it is fully configurable using SenixVIEW configuration and analysis software.

Tough Against Lightning Strikes.
Lightning resistance has also been improved with protection 75% stronger than CE EMC requirements. ToughSonic REMOTE 14 sensors will continue to operate even after absorbing repeated 7 kilovolt transients. "We have customers deploying remote monitoring stations in some of the most lightning-prone areas of the world." Says Doug Boehm, founder and CTO of Senix. "We engineered our new remote sensors to provide an extra measure of survivability."

Smart Networking And Power Management
In addition to surge protection, The ToughSonic REMOTE 14 addresses other remote monitoring issues, as well. An all-digital sensor using serial data communications with Modbus or ASCII protocols, the ToughSonic REMOTE 14 offers direct digital communication with data collection and networking devices. It powers up in less than one second and uses up to 21% less energy - important when sensors are operated intermittently and powered by solar panels and batteries. “Water management and process industries are investing heavily in automation.” says Doug Boehm, founder and CTO of Senix. “Monitoring remote liquid assets requires rugged, energy efficient, networked sensors. We are building the ToughSonic REMOTE product line for those unique demands.”

For more information on the ToughSonic REMOTE 14 or any ToughSonic sensors, please contact Senix’s U.K. distributor, Omni Instruments, at or visit Senix at Senix.com 

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