End-to-end Ethernet connection technique

16 February 2016

HARTING’s preLink end-to-end Ethernet connection technology is now also available in the form of an RJ45 connector face in a robust Han 3A connector housing.

preLink offers a way to set up enterprise-wide networks that extend all the way from IT through to the manufacturing level, separating the previously fixed connection of cables and connectors into two independent, reusable components – a termination block and interchangeable sockets and connectors.

The preLink termination block incorporates a holder for 4- or 8-wire Ethernet cable, which can be assembled in a single step using a dedicated assembly tool. The termination block fits into a variety of RJ45 or M12 sockets and connectors. It allows the termination block to be removed in seconds and placed on a different connector. As a result, cables and connectors can be swapped independently of one another.

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