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A better way to manage operator tasks

09 February 2016

Overwhelmed by task management scheduling and paperwork? Can operators easily set and manage task priorities? Within a new whitepaper from Emerson you can learn how implementing electronic logbooks can drive operator action through improved task management and event visibility.

Rethink task management to streamline operations
Every plant has common tasks that ensure day to day operation is safe, secure, and efficient. While the content of these tasks may vary, task management can easily become an overwhelming chore for a shift supervisor. 

Day to day plant management tasks are traditionally time-consuming, tedious, and, in many cases, easily overlooked. In addition, scheduling and logging of task completion is frequently managed by a series of paper notebooks, where operators are expected to keep track of all essential task information. While a week’s worth of task management documentation might not be difficult to handle, as the weeks and months add up, the data collection alone can quickly overwhelm the paper tracking system on which supervisors depend.

In this whitepaper, learn how you can implement an electronic logbooks solution to streamline task management for supervisors and improve the visibility and prioritization of tasks for operators. Tasks can be scheduled ahead of time or with recurrences to ensure repetitive tasks are not overlooked.
When scheduling, assign tasks to specific shifts or operators to provide accountability for task completion. Task visibility is improved through the use of flags and a dashboard interface. Finally, a searchable knowledge base provides documentation of task completion and any notes on resolution. 

By shifting to an electronic task management system, operators can avoid missed tasks, take advantage of scheduled downtimes, and easily produce records for compliance audits.

Download this whitepaper at http://bit.ly/201l3Ad

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