Laser triangulation sensors with integrated controller

12 January 2016

Micro-Epsilon UK has launched a new range of laser triangulation sensors with integrated controller which are said to offer technical benefits in terms of compact size, performance and ease of installation.

Two sensor ranges are available – the optoNCDT 1320 and the optoNCDT 1420 laser displacement sensors.
The optoNCDT 1320 is the entry-level version for high precision measurement of displacement, distance and position. The controller is integrated in the sensor housing, which simplifies installation and set up. The compact and lightweight sensor can be mounted in tight spaces on machines or other difficult-to-access locations. It is suited to use in highly automated environments and for applications where  high accelerations occur, including machine tools, robot arms and automated pick-and-place systems.
The ‘Auto Target Compensation’ (ATC) feature is said to provide stable distance signal control regardless of target colour or brightness. A small, sharply projected laser spot size ensures that even extremely small objects can be measured reliably.
Set up and installationcan be achieved with just a few clicks of the multi-function sensor button. The user can select the zero setting/mastering function or the trigger set up. A web interface enables users to carry out extended sensor set up and configuration.
The optoNCDT 1320 is designed for precision, high speed, dynamic displacement, distance and position measurement applications. The measuring rate is adjustable up to 4kHz.
In addition to analogue voltage and current outputs, a digital RS422 interface provides distance information from the sensor. For ease of installation, users can select from either a 3m length integrated cable with open ends, or a 0.3m long pigtail with M12 connector.

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