Electric handling unit ensures accurate and rapid DNA extraction

12 January 2016

Festo has developed a handling system for use in the new oKtopure DNA extraction robot from LGC.

The robot solution is designed to speed up molecular biological analyses of plants and animals. It allows 8 x 96 Deepwell plates to be purified in parallel, enabling up to 5,000 samples to be extracted during a normal eight-hour working day. 

With the high level of automation required LGC turned to Festo for its expertise in pneumatic and electric automation technologies. The solution provided was a three-dimensional gantry handling system to meet the high levels of precision required.  Liquid handling is made possible by the EGC electric toothed belt axes on the X- and Y-axes, while the double Z-axis, EGSK, with spindle drive, ensures exact positioning of the dispensing head. The gantry for liquid handling is supplied as a complete system.
“We were able to adapt the handling guide to the requirements of this particular application,” explained Paul Kendall, business development manager at Festo. “The gantry is easy to commission, can be integrated quickly into machines and the pre-parameterised drive and controller package allows users to concentrate on their core competencies, without having to concern themselves with details of the automation technology.”
Commenting on the solution, Dr Dietrich Köster product manager at LGC, said: “Complete solutions not only ease the burden on technical personnel, they keep design and process costs low and simplify the procurement process. We took advantage of the engineering know-how of the Festo automation specialists, which saved a great deal of time throughout the process, especially during testing and commissioning."

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