DCS offers enhanced functions for greater efficiency and safety

08 December 2015

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released CENTUM VP R6.02, a new version of its integrated production control system with enhanced functionality.

In keeping with the company’s VigilantPlant vision for the control business, the company has developed a number of new operation and monitoring functions for CENTUM VP, which are said to make it easier for operators to keep track of what is happening in a plant.

Enhancements include a more powerful real-time trend function for the visualisation of plant operating status. The alarm function has also been improved to ensure that alarm information is handed over to the operators on the next shift. The latest release also features tight integration with the recently released ProSafe-RS R4.01 integrated safety PLC. This allows allowing monitoring of the Network I/O, a new I/O device that is now available for use with ProSafe-RS R4.01, using the HMI provided for both systems. 

It includes a real-time trend function to give a clearer understanding of plant conditions which allows operators to perform data checking more rapidly. 

The number of pens that can be checked in a single trend graph has been doubled to 16. The maximum number of data points that can be displayed for trend graphs has also been doubled, to approximately 13,000. In addition to conventional keyboard input, drag-and-drop functionality for the assignment of data to individual pens is supported from operation graphics and alarm lists. 

Another new function has been added to display real-time trend data and past long-term trend data in one continuous line, in the same window, enabling operators to track changes that take place over longer periods of time.

CENTUM VP includes a function that temporarily sets aside less urgent alarm notifications to ensure that operators respond appropriately to high-priority alarms. With CENTUM VP R6.02, there is a new list viewer which displays all shelved alarms. When operators use this function, together with a suppressed alarm list viewer that was previously released with CENTUM VP R6.01, there is less risk of alarms being misplaced or overlooked following a handover.

Major target markets for the New DCS solutions include process industries such as oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, foods, iron and steel, and water and wastewater.

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