New I/O module with HMI and CPU attachments

09 November 2015

Unitronics has introduced a new I/O module, offering a variety of I/O options in a single unit.

The UIS-WCB1 is compatible with all UniStream series PLCs. It can either be snapped to the back of a UniStream HMI panel or installed on a DIN rail using a local expansion adapter. The UIS-WCB1 has 10 digital inputs, two analogue inputs, two thermocouple inputs, sight relay outputs, two transistor outputs and two analogue outputs.

The module features a powerful dual CPU, sleek HMI touch panels, and a variety of I/O options. Users are able to create an all-in-one controller by snapping on a CPU and I/O modules to the HMI of their choice, allowing OEMs and systems integrators to customise their PLC, and shorten programming times by up to 50%.

UniStream offers options for RS485, CANopen, UniCAN, and both serial and Ethernet MODBUScommunications. It supports Ethernet/IP  and can be adapted to other third-party protocols. 

UniLogic, the software for Unitronics’ UniStream line enables users to code Ladder, design HMI screens and web pages, configure hardware, set up and implement communications, and more in a single programming environment. 

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