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Compact Cost-Effective Samba PLC+HMI Opens Creative Avenues for Local Theatre!

13 October 2015

The Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, New Jeresy partnered with Unitronics’ distributor, Bayview Bearing and Supply to bring innovation to this regional theatre. Using a Samba PLC with 3.5in colour-touch HMI and onboard I/O, the theatre implemented a simple motion control application for their set pieces. Since initial installation, the theatre has been able to expand the application and create more complex moving sets that enhance the mood and themes of their productions.

The Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, New Jersey is South Jersey’s only year-round professional Equity theatre. They are dedicated not only to bringing great theatre to the region, but also to continuing to innovate within their productions.

To achieve those goals, the theatre decided to add moving elements to their sets for one of their productions; they had three screens that needed to lower at a consistent speed but at different times. The team at the Eagle Theatre initially tried to use electric winch packages, but these were slow and too noisy to use during a performance. With only one week until the show opened, the theatre reached out to Bayview Bearing and Supply, a Unitronics distributor, for help.

Bayview Bearing was able to solve these issues by implementing a Samba all-in-one PLC with 3.5-inch colour-touch HMI. They worked with Jared Smith, a contractor with Deerfield Electric, who built the panel and installed the unit. The Samba controlled Vacon 20 VFD’s (Variable Frequency Devices) and World Wide Electric Gear Motors in order to move the set pieces. Each of the moving pieces was assigned a virtual button on the Samba; these buttons raised and lowered the screens, as well as displaying their current position. Not only did the new system work beautifully, Bayview Bearing was able to get it up in running with enough time for rehearsals with the new system before the show opened.

Not only was this particular performance a success due to the Samba, working with PLC control has created new options for the Eagle Theatre moving forward. Ted Wioncek III, Co-Artistic Director at the theatre, explains “motion control with Unitronics PLC’s has allowed us the freedom to reach for new heights of visceral creativity while expanding our technical innovation in a fast and cost effective manner.” 

In fact, the Eagle Theatre has already expanded the motion control application in other shows. For one production the entire set shifted constantly, with the walls coming in and out independently of each other. A major theme of the show was misdirection, so the moving set was used to reinforce that theme in the physical space the character interact with. As Ryan Mayer of Bayview Bearing explains, this isn’t a typical motion control application. “This is automation technology meeting the art community and producing fantastic results.”

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