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Turkish Textile Plant Uses V130's to Calculate Efficiency of Staff and Machines

08 September 2015

Turkmenistan Asgabat Dokuma Toplumu needed to calculate the efficiency of both their staff and machinery via a compact PLC with Ethernet capabilities. Unitronics helped the company achieve its goals.

Turkmenistan Asgabat Dokuma Toplumu (TDT), is an integrated Turkish textile plant that manufactures home products such as bed linens and towels from yarn fibre. The yarn, which comes in coils, is treated first in a warp machine.

Then it is processed by additional starch based chemicals in TDT's sizing machines. The process strengthens the yarn to get it ready for weaving. 

The beams coming out of the sizing machine are fixed on each of the weaving machines. The Unitronics V130-33-TR20's, mounted on each weaving machine, are then able to allow the production staff to follow the process of the raw yarn becoming a cloth. At that stage, they were able to receive a digital signal in the PLC which was then able to interpret the following data:

• Instantaneous speed of the machine.
• Alarms when the machine stops due to yarn rupture.
In addition, machine operators could manually enter into the HMI’s :
• The name of the operator who is in charge of the machine
• The production order for which the machine is working for
• Alarms for machine stops (accepts automatic failure signals)
At the conclusion of all of the above mentioned events, management  are able to receive the following reports:
• An outline and shift efficiency report for the production section.
• A daily efficiency report for each shift machine.
• Machine based outline failure report.
• A report indicating the total number of yarn rupture and the machine stop times due to yarn rupture.
• Operator-based efficiency report.
All machines are monitored by a central SCADA system. Any station that is experiencing an error will appear on the main screen  as red. This visible indication makes it apparent that there is a station down.

*A special thanks for the application story to ILGISOFT. Founded in 2006, ILGISOFT has developed software in variety of fields over the course of time and the programs it has developed have been in use in many countries to provide services in a variety of fields - from SCADA Software to Quality Control Software, from Stock Production Monitoring to Cost Analysis. 

Also, special thanks to Yorum - a Unitronics Turkish distributor.

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