Weighing, control, and operator control in one package

30 November 2008

Siemens has developed the Siwarex MS (MicroScale) weighing module for weighing and force measurement tasks, and combined it with the Simatic S7-200 microPLC. Control solutions are now combined with strain gauge sensors such as load cells, force transducers or torque shafts.

Siwarex MS (MicroScale)
Siwarex MS (MicroScale)

This is all also available in the form of a Micro Automation Set 6 with an additional TP 177micro Touch Panel for human machine interfacing. Users are thus provided with a ready-to-use, pretested combination of automation components with which they can immediately solve their weighing or force measurement tasks.

The new, combined weighing and control package is suitable for user-programmable, modular weighing systems with one or more scales. Typical applications are non-automatic weighing instruments, weight acquisition for continuous and discontinuous weighing processes, filling level monitoring of silos and bunkers, container and platform scales, measurement of crane and cable loads, load measurement in industrial elevators or rolling mills, weighing applications in areas subject to explosion hazard (Zone 1 or Zone 2), monitoring of belt tensions, and force measurement.

The weighing module is designed as an expansion module for the Simatic S7-200 micro PLC. The control program accesses the currently measured weight or force data directly via the Simatic CPU without any additional interface.

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