Bosch-Rexroth: Open for Innovation

30 November 2008

The trend toward more flexible and financially sound mechanical engineering solutions via common standards is being accelerated by Rexroth’s new PLC and motion control systems for electric and electrohydraulic drives, with support for multiple real-time Ethernet protocols.

Open for Innovation
Open for Innovation

“Rexroth control systems allow users to decide on the real-time Ethernet solution that best meets their automation tasks,” emphasises Dr. Steffen Haack, Manager of Sales and Service for the Electric Drives and Controls business unit at Bosch Rexroth AG. “This underscores our goal of providing users with as many options as possible to meet the unique requirements of their solutions.”

The new IndraControl L45 and IndraControl L65 control platforms presented at the SPS/IPC/Drives trade show offer improved real-time Ethernet connectivity and scalable expansion options. The platform also features master/slave communications interfaces for PROFIBUS and PROFINET-RT. These new controllers expand Rexroth’s entire line of control solutions, which ranges from micro PLC and drive- and controller-based versions through to high-end PC solutions.

Rexroth incorporates only open interfaces and software standards such as the IndraLogic PLC kernel compliant with IEC 61131-3. This enables the IndraLogic L65 PLC system, for example, which is based on the IndraControl L65, to process up to 1,000 PLC instructions in a mere 15 µs.

The IndraMotion MLC, which is based on both of these controllers and expands the company’s motion logic platform for mid-range and high-end solutions, uses the on-board SERCOS III interface (master) to standardise communication with I/Os and drives.

An integrated multi-protocol interface also makes it easy to connect to additional Ethernet-based fieldbus systems such as PROFINET RT. Other communication and technology interfaces can be integrated via optional function modules, which further help machine manufacturers meet a wide variety of customer requirements without increasing outlay.

The manufacturer has also integrated multiple real-time Ethernet interfaces into its motion control systems for electrohydraulic drives. The Rexroth HNC100-3X controller for 1 to 4 axes, for example, supports not only Profibus DP and CANopen, but also the SERCOS III and PROFINET RT fieldbus systems.

The HACD-2X, a distributed controller module, controls the position, speed, and pressure/force of electrohydraulic axes. By optimally adapting its motion control systems to the specific physical characteristics of hydraulic drives, Rexroth has largely separated drive physics from functionality.


The portfolio of control solutions has been expanded to include the IndraControl S67 series, which features modular I/Os with IP67 protection.

BR hardware
BR hardware

Designed to be robust, the IndraControl S67 with IP67 protection offers a high degree of operational reliability even under extreme environmental conditions. Cabinet-free installation in close proximity to the machine also promotes flexibility during the design stage.

The hardware architecture enables optimal transfer of time-critical signals. An optional M12 or M8 connection and a wide variety of parameterisation options for the modules provides for a degree of flexibility when linking sensor and actuator systems.

Comprehensive diagnostics functions accelerate response in the event of a fault and thus considerably reduce machine downtime.


The family of PLC systems, which ranges from the micro PLC to the high-end PLC solution, now includes two new controllers.

The IndraLogic L45 and IndraLogic L65 offer improved real-time Ethernet connectivity and scalable expansion options. Onboard master/slave interfaces are available for PROFIBUS and PROFINET-RT. The high-performance IndraLogic L65 can process up to 1,000 instructions in only 15 microseconds (average).


The IndraMotion MLC based on IndraControl L45 hardware expands the Motion Logic platform in the mid- and high-performance range. The MLC features an on-board SERCOS III master interface, making it possible to leverage the full functionality and advantages of the SERCOS III real-time Ethernet system.

IO Link
IO Link

A multi-protocol interface allows additional Ethernet-based fieldbus systems to be connected using a single hardware device. The scalable function modules in inline format provide additional functions and interfaces.

The familiar motion, robot, and logic functions of the IndraMotion MLC and the industry-specific libraries have been retained.


Rexroth is now offering two IO-Link Master devices to connect intelligent sensors and actuators to a higher-level controller. The standardised IO-Link communications system continues to be well received in factory automation circles and enables end-to-end communication down to the field level.

Up to four IO-Link subscribers can be connected to the Inline IO-Link Master, which includes 12 digital inputs with IP20 protection. The integrated structure of the control platform allows the inline terminal to be operated centrally by an IndraControl L controller or locally via a bus coupler.

The Fieldline IO-Link Master with IP67 protection can also handle four IO-Link subscribers. The high degree of protection offered enables near-machine installation. This module can be directly connected as a stand-alone variant via a PROFIBUS network.

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