Energy management

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On the path to zero

Manufacturers are having to move beyond traditional cost reduction strategies when it comes to energy. Instead there is a move towards cost avoidance, says Vincent de Rul.
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Starting a sweet revolution in productivity

Harri Vaara explains how sugar beet processors are increasing productivity and energy efficiency through the use of variable speed drives (VSDs).
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A profitably disruptive energy strategy

The basic configuration of electrical power systems for industrial and commercial applications has altered little for decades. A disruptive new technology – hybridisation – is expected to change this, according to Steve Moore.


  1. 30/09/2018 Finding energy saving opportunities

    Sustainability is more than just a slogan for German chocolate manufacturer RITTER SPORT. The company works continuously to minimise the environmental impact of its production methods and strives to conduct its business responsibly to benefit both people and the environment. This includes the implementation of advanced energy management.

  2. 13/05/2018 Efficient steam system offers more sustainable operation

    Following a steam system audit, a complete re-design of a dated system has helped a metal refiner to improved production levels, operate in a more sustainable way, and reduce energy costs by up to 60%.

  3. 31/07/2017 Simple changes can optimise steam systems

    Dave Bird explains how implementing simple efficient measures can significantly reduce energy consumption.

  4. 03/10/2016 Flexible energy monitoring solution

    Franke Blefa GmbH has been manufacturing stainless steel beer kegs since 1968. An energy monitoring system now makes the process significantly more efficient with a little help from WirelessHART.

  5. 24/02/2015 Design guide helps reduce machine running costs

    A new Design Guide from Techdrives aims to help industrial designers and specifiers to reduce the running costs of their machines.The 30 page document focusses on energy savings in the drive train – motors, drives and gearboxes.

  6. 03/06/2014 Easing the squeeze on profitability

    Eric Petela, business consulting director at AspenTech, discusses the benefits of having effective energy management strategy and explains more about how this can be achieved.

  7. 16/07/2013 Energy efficient design of production equipment

    Suzanne Gill reviews the findings of a recent report, produced as part of the EnEffAH – Energy Efficiency in Production in the Drive and Handling Technology Field Project – which forms part of the German government’s energy research programme.

  8. 12/06/2013 Quick wins blind manufacturers to long term energy savings

    Manufacturers are still looking in the wrong places for energy savings, according to a new energy report sponsored by ABB.

  9. 03/12/2012 40% energy savings shown for permanent magnetic synchronous motor

    The results of a direct product comparison test show how the latest IE4, super premium efficiency permanent magnetic synchronous motor, from Bauer Gear Motor, performed against a standard asynchronous motor.

  10. 04/09/2012 Efficient processes need sound data

    Steffen Kügler of TÜV SÜD Industrie Service, discusses the importance of accurate data for the success of any energy management system and looks at the different energy data management systems (EDMS) available.

  11. 03/07/2012 Reducing the energy costs of steam

    Steam is used in many industries and can account for as much as 40% of a company’s fuel bill which means that steam traps and steam systems can represent a large proportion of a plants total operating cost. Grant Bailey, sales & marketing director at Thermal Energy International, says that finding ways to reduce these costs is now of major importance to energy, and plant managers.

  12. 15/05/2012 Energy monitoring solution – plant floor linked to SAP

    A smart energy monitoring prototype has been developed as part of SAPs Future Factory Initiative, which aims to integrate plant floor energy usage information into SAP solutions for effective monitoring and recording of energy data.

  13. 19/10/2011 Putting the production process through its paces

    Dr Michael Bunk, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service and Dr Silvio Kammer, Innospec Leuna, discuss the process undertaken by the chemical company to implement a state of the art energy management system.

  14. 18/10/2011 Efficient drive solutions complement IE2 and IE3 motors

    More than two thirds of the total energy spend for industrial automation is consumed by electric drive technology and that an individual electric motor’s energy consumption makes up about 98% of its total cost of ownership over its average life.

  15. 27/09/2011 Legislating for greater energy efficiency

    Suzanne Gill reviews an IEA whitepaper which called for greater system-based energy efficiency legislation.

  16. 19/09/2011 Energy control pack helps visualise energy savings

    Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the Energy Control Pack (ECP) built on its e-F@ctory concept.

  17. 30/08/2011 Energy efficiency – thinking small

    Even equipment with a low output and correspondingly low power dissipation can make a significant contribution towards energy saving. CEE reports on a new range of power supplies that have been designed to be optimally energy efficient.

  18. 09/08/2011 Intelligently making energy savings with drive optimisation software

    The new version 3.0 of the Lenze Drive Solutions Designer (DSD) is able to analyse motion profiles from simple point-to-point to complex cam profiles or dynamic reversing.

  19. 02/08/2011 High efficiency motor/inverter package saves energy on furnace cooling system

    Engineering Steel Belgium (ESB) is saving €45,000 per annum on the operation of three cooling pumps on one of its electrical steel furnaces, since the installation of three WEG W22 132 kW, IE2 high efficiency motors, controlled by WEG CFW-09 variable speed drives.

  20. 21/04/2011 New energy logger helps lower costs

    Rocketing energy costs are affecting everyone, creating an urgent requirement for an analysis of energy efficiency. To meet this need, Gemini Data Loggers has developed the Tinytag Energy Logger, which is a simple, safe tool for the non-invasive assessment of energy efficiency in both single and three phase power supplies