Process instrumentation

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Connectivity in real-time - IO Link, and the Automation Platform Network

It is critical that suppliers of remote I/O systems can connect to the most important networks used in industry today. PROFINET, EthernetIP, EtherCAT® and Modbus are all common networks used in Industrial Automation but how does a manufacturer of machines standardise, when their various customers specify different networks in their factories? Nigel Dawson, head of Business Development Electric Automation at Festo explains.
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Meeting level measurement challenges with radar

Denny Nelson explains how the latest non-contacting radar transmitters can overcome food processing challenges using frequency modulated continuous wave technology.
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Starting a revolution with smart devices

Mike Loughran discusses the migration path for introducing smart devices to a legacy system to enable IIoT. 


  1. 01/07/2019 When flexibility is vital

    To ensure it gets the perfect testing equipment to meet its very specific needs, Hager builds its own test machinery. To do this it needed chose the optimum installation concept for the automated machines.

  2. 21/05/2019 Interface measurement through thick and thin

    Denny Nelson explains how the latest guided wave radar technology can improve interface level measurement accuracy by halving the minimum detectable thickness of the upper product.

  3. 22/01/2019 Remotely proof-testing to improve SIS performance

    Periodic proof-tests are a necessity for level switches that form part of a safety instrumented system (SIS) and partial proof-tests provide a safe way to optimise the time interval between full tests. Marianne Williams compares different ways of performing partial proof-tests.

  4. 07/01/2019 Closing the metering skills gap in oil & gas

    Despite the vital role played by flow meters in the oil & gas industry the meter management sills gap continues to grow, argues Alick MacGillivray.

  5. 05/12/2018 Revisiting a forgotten flow solution

    Fraser Higgins explains why variable area flowmeters should not be overlooked when a simple yet versatile flowmetering solution is required.

  6. 24/08/2018 Valves in delayed coking units – why they matter

    Refineries need to improve profitability to stay competitive in today’s market. Delayed coking for heavy and sour oil refineries is potentially one of the most profitable operations available to refiners, says Raimar Hellwig.

  7. 23/07/2018 Butterfly valves take control

    Mark Nymeyer discusses the advantages and limitations of butterfly valves, and highlights developments that are making them more suitable for flow control.

  8. 10/07/2018 Solenoid control without the bang

    Paul Hobden looks at the challenges surrounding process control in potentially explosive atmospheres and how they can be overcome.

  9. 29/05/2018 I/O in the era of Industry 4.0

    Control Engineering Europe finds out about I/O device developments which ensures they are prepared to work as part of a digital enterprise.

  10. 03/03/2018 Phased modernisation offers time and cost savings

    A phased control system modernisation solution for a production line has offered a better return on investment for one castings Manufacturer. Control Engineering Europe reports.

  11. 28/01/2018 Phased modernisation offers time and cost savings

    A phased control system modernisation solution for a production line has offered a better return on investment for one castings Manufacturer. Control Engineering Europe reports.

  12. 30/05/2017 Getting the frequency right

    Low and mid frequency non-contacting radar devices can now be complemented by high frequency technology. Per Skogberg explains which of these might be the right solution for a particular level measurement application. 

  13. 22/05/2017 The flow meter: a role in Industry 4.0 success?

    José Leonett discusses the changing flow metering needs of the process industry to allow it to meet current and future challenges.

  14. 06/02/2017 Bluetooth – back to the future?

    Is the process industry ready for instrument adjustment and diagnosis with Smartphones or Tablets?

  15. 19/12/2016 A better way to measure bitumen?

    Bitumen is the glue that transforms aggregates into asphalt. It needs to be delivered in accurate doses, which is not possible with traditional mechanical flowmeters. Carl Pinches suggests a solution.

  16. 20/06/2016 Enhancing DP-based flow measurement with dynamic compensation

    Henk van der Bent describes how a multivariable pressure transmitter with built-in dynamic compensation can correct many of the errors and inaccuracies that occur in differential pressure based flow measurements. He also explains how modern flowmeters can ensure ease of integration with FDT technology based tools.

  17. 19/01/2016 Improving level measurement in tall vessels

    Pawel Czoczys explains how the latest digital differential pressure level technology is able to solve many of the problems traditionally experienced when using differential pressure measurements to monitor levels in tall vessels or towers. 

  18. 22/12/2015 Understanding and controlling foam

    Optimised foam control and reduced process costs can be achieved through the use of a measurement solution developed specifically for the task, says Steve Gallagher.

  19. 27/01/2015 Improving flowmeter calibration accuracy

    Dr Norman Glen, principal consultant at NEL, explains how the use of synthetic reference fluids can help improve flowmeter calibration accuracy. 

  20. 07/11/2014 Why use limit devices in temperature control applications?

    Ian Collins, product manager for West Control Solutions, explains why limit devices are required in temperature control applications and describes how they work. He also explains why they reduce risk.